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APRIL 2019

“Whether it closes as Won or closes as Lost... It’s Closed and out of your pipeline. What are you doing today to replace that deal?”

- Kristie Jones, Principal


4 Key Takeaways from the Rainmaker Conference

68% of B2B buyers prefer to research online on their own - that’s up 15% from 2015.

67% of B2B buyers prefer not to interact with a sales representative as the primary source of info.

62% of buyers say they can now develop a selection criterion to final vendor list - based solely on digital content.

This knowledge and more were dropped at SalesLoft's Rainmaker event. Here are my 4 takeaways.

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What’s Working?

Video is working! More and more of my clients are using Vidyard to send prospects and customers customized video messages as part of their outbound prospecting strategies. This gives them the opportunity to put a name and face to the emails and VMs they’ve been using to connect with the prospects. It’s makes you a person and not just a sales call.

Here are some things to consider when creating a video to send to your prospects:

1. KISS - Keep it Short and Sweet. Try to keep your video to 30-40 seconds.

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Upcoming Sales Events


The Venture Café Gathering

Thursday, April 11
5:30pm to 6:30pm
4240 Duncan Ave on the 2nd floor

Come chat with me! When you arrive, be sure to check in with a greeter. They are super friendly and can answer any questions you may have.

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EQ Leadership Lab

Monday, April 15
8am to 5pm
St. Louis Union Station

With a keynote presentation by Tim Sanders and four tracks of education and inspiration, EQ Leadership Labs will be an incredible event.

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Sales Success Tip

Not getting responses to your LinkedIn InMails? Try a voice InMail instead!

First, open the LinkedIn app on your smartphone. Then, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Go to messaging and compose a new message.

  2. Find the person you'd like to send a voice message to, and tap the mic icon in the mobile messaging keyboard.

  3. Tap and hold on the microphone in the circle to record your voice message and just release your finger to send.

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