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MAY 2019

“Panic Causes Bad Decisions. If you had enough deals in your pipeline, then you wouldn’t have to try and force bad fit deals to close.”

- Kristie Jones, Principal


Does your Sales Team have an Accountability Culture?

I’m on a quest to help companies create an accountability culture. I believe a lack of accountability is affecting many company's ability to grow revenue, keep customers, and retain high performing employees. My quest to understand why creating a culture of accountability is so difficult led me to a place I didn’t expect - the realization that accountability is very closely tied to vulnerability.

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What’s Working?

Gifts via Direct Mail!

SDRs and AEs are working hard to personalize their message to prospects. Like the commercial says, “What better way to say I love you than with flowers.” Everyone loves to get something special in the mail.

Companies like Greetable and Sendoso have made this so easy for representatives and companies by doing all the work for you.

If you’re going to send a gift, follow these tips:

1. Make it relevant and personal...

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Upcoming Sales Events


Fireside Chat with David Karandish

May 22, 2019 | 4pm
401 Pine St, St. Louis, 63102

Join us for a special event featuring David Karandish. David is the founder of and a member of the Forbes Technology Council. In this eye-opening chat, he will share his journey building an artificial intelligence platform that transforms the modern workforce. “Jane” is a virtual team member that everyone can chat with to access information, securely.

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SalesMentour Tech Sales Bootcamp

June 6, 2019 | 5-8pm
911 Washington, St. Louis, 63101

With the accelerated growth of tech companies and startups in St. Louis there has been a tremendous uptick in the need for sales and business development talent. At St. Louis' first tech-sales bootcamp, we're providing students and transitioning career professionals with superior sales training and exposure to career opportunities and sales leaders.

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Sales Assembly Annual 2019

June 6th, 2019 | 7:30am - 5pm
565 W Adams, Chicago, 60661

Specifically designed for revenue leaders & executives from The Midwest's leading Technology & SaaS companies. Common titles for conference attendees: CSO, CRO, CEO/Founder, VP of Sales, Head of Partnerships, CMO or VP of Marketing, VP of Customer Success or Account Management, Head of Sales Operations or Enablement, Investor/Board Member.

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Cool Ways To Generate More Sales Appointments

May - June 2019
Venture Café
4240 Duncan Ave, St. Louis, 63110

Venture Café, host to the largest weekly event for innovators in the world! Each week we host 8 to 12 learning sessions. Want to connect to experts? We have you covered. Check out the calendar of serendipitous collisions. First time Gathering attendees can check in faster by pre-registering online. There’s a role for you!

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Sales Success Tip

“Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone”
Voicemail Tips

  1. Keep it under 17 secs.

  2. Say something meaningful and valuable, which is not “Just following up, checking in, etc.

  3. Leave them wanting more. No need to leave your phone number. That was in the 7 emails you already sent them, right?

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» Training and coaching individuals and team.

» Interviewing and hiring SDRs, Quota-Carrying Hunters, Sales OPS, and Customer Success Managers.

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