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“Each decision you make has consequences, be thoughtful.”

- Kristie Jones

Doing the Right Thing Requires #Discipline

New Udemy for Business eLearning course launch!

I’m excited to announce that my Udemy for Business eLearning course, Sales Prospecting Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to Success, has launched! It was an honor to have been selected by Udemy to create an eLearning course earlier in the year. According to Udemy: "Only 3% of all courses and instructors are picked for Udemy for Business." Being part of such an exclusive program is a highlight of 2020.

I’d love for you to try the course, to see if it would be a valuable addition to your training curriculum, as you and your sales team prepare for 2021.

The first 10 people to Click Here will be able to take the course for FREE for 30 days!

In this course, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of:

  • Determining your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and how best to reach them
  • Developing a formal prospecting strategy customized to your target market
  • Creating impactful email templates, voicemail scripts, and video messages
  • Determining if your prospect is a good fit for your product or service
  • Mastering how to handle objections and gain more information all at the same time
  • Executing a strategy for holding your prospects accountable
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Doing the Right Thing Requires #Discipline

Building a Rebound-Ready Strategy for the Year Ahead

Even though the economic recovery may take longer than they initially expected, there are strategies that organizations can adopt to rebound and rebuild momentum in the year ahead. Whether sales leadership or sales enablement, an effective adaptation requires the effort and persistence of the entire organization in order to make a considerable impact. Here are some ways to manage the uncertainty of the current market situation, and bounce back with greater resiliency than ever before.

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Doing the Right Thing Requires #Discipline

2021 Compensation Planning

In October, I attended this webinar, Masterclass on Let's Talk 2021 Compensation Plans. It was the best, most data-driven conversation I’ve heard. Here’s what you can expect to learn...

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Leadership Strategies to Understand and Manage Employee Burnout

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Join me on Nov. 11th at 2pm CST for my session on: "Identifying and Finding Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)" If you don’t choose who you want to do business with, then your customers will choose you!


Sales Acceleration Strategy

The Sales Acceleration Strategy

We are helping Founders accelerate revenue by:

» Evaluating current people, processes, and tools.

» Strategizing a more effective and efficient course of action.

» Executing on the strategies we believe will have the greatest impact on revenue in the shortest amount of time.

Let us know if we can help you in 2020!

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