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“Do the right things and the right things will happen.”

- Kristie Jones

Doing the Right Thing Requires #Discipline

Doing the Right Thing Requires #Discipline

“Do the right things and the right things will happen.” I share this with founders, sales leaders, and reps on a regular basis. I truly believe that if each and every person does what they know to be the right thing then the universe will conspire to make sure the right things will happen. Things like financial security, success, promotions, work/life balance, and much more.

What’s the catch, you ask? Doing the right thing requires #Discipline! Here are the most common #discipline struggles I see from both sale leaders and representatives...

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Filling Your Funnel: The Key to Hitting Your Revenue Targets Consistently

You understand your ICP, have a sales strategy, and have hired, what you think, are “A” player sales reps…..But you’re still missing your revenue targets each quarter. Chances are you don’t have enough deals in the pipeline funnel to hit the target.

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It is Disrespectful to Ask Buyers a Question That is on the Internet

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Leadership Skills You Need Now: Holding Reps Accountable

The Earning Curve: Panel Speaker Series

October 20 @ 10am
Live Webinar

Join me for a panel discussion on how to turn mid-level performers to “A” players.


Leadership Strategies to Understand and Manage Employee Burnout

STL Startup Week

November 9 - 13
Live Webinar

Join me on Nov. 11th at 2pm CST for my session on: "Identifying and Finding Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)" If you don’t choose who you want to do business with, then your customers will choose you!


Sales Acceleration Strategy

The Sales Acceleration Strategy

We are helping Founders accelerate revenue by:

» Evaluating current people, processes, and tools.

» Strategizing a more effective and efficient course of action.

» Executing on the strategies we believe will have the greatest impact on revenue in the shortest amount of time.

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