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MAY 2021

"Hunters aren’t Helpers!"

- Kristie Jones

Suspects vs. Prospects

Sales Reps are professional interviewees – Don’t be fooled.

There are few things as frustrating to me then when I discover a new client, who’s hired me to come in figure out why they are missing their revenue targets, has mis-hired. This is because most of my clients are small privately-owned startups that have either taken VC money or are bootstrapping, and regardless of how they are financing their startup, they can’t afford to waste the limited financial resources they have.

Hiring the wrong sales rep is frustrating, expensive, and could lead to you missing your revenue target as the sales leader. Repeatedly mis-hiring can literally make or break a business in its few couple of years, so as the founder, owner, or sales leader you need to make sure that you’re getting what you want and are expecting out of a “sales rep.” Most of my clients are looking for hunters and not gatherers, so let break down the differences and how you can spot a gatherer posing as a hunter!

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Webinars & Podcasts

Waking Up From the American Dream

Waking Up From the American Dream
A 5-Day Intentional Retreat for Founders

Central America – Fall 2021

  • Daily yoga, meditation and breathwork
  • Interactive workshops with master teachers
  • Deep and meaningful discussions
  • Nightly founder fireside chats
  • Time to relax, recharge, and integrate
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Sales Acceleration Strategy

The Sales Acceleration Strategy

We are helping Founders accelerate revenue by:

» Evaluating current people, processes, and tools.

» Strategizing a more effective and efficient course of action.

» Executing on the strategies we believe will have the greatest impact on revenue in the shortest amount of time.

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