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"A good startup candidate is more willow than oak."

- Kristie Jones

The Great Resignation is Great for Startups

The Great Resignation is Great for Startups

4 million workers quit their jobs in April, according to the Labor Department, and only 740,000 of them worked in the leisure and hospitality industry. The Great Resignation is real, and startups should be jumping for joy!

The Pandemic has changed the way employees think about how, when, and where they want to work; along with what type of company they want to work for. Pre-Pandemic, they never questioned the 50–60-hour work week with an additional 45-minute commute one-way each day. Now, they understand there is a different way to live and that might also mean a different job and company to work for.

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Contributing Writer for Top Sales Magazine, September Issue

Contributing Writer for Top Sales Magazine, September Issue

I’m so excited to have been given another opportunity to be a contributing writer for Top Sales World Magazine!

Check out my latest article: "Set Your Team Up for Q4 Success" and be ready to crush your team’s Q4 revenue target!

To receive the magazine full of helpful tips for sales leaders each month click here.

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Panel Discussions

The Earning Curve: Understanding Your Sales Types and Why That Matters

The Earning Curve Speaker Series

Understanding Your Sales Types and Why That Matters

On 8/31, I led a panel discussing why defining sales roles in your hiring process can mean the difference between success and failure of your sales team and company. If you missed it, you can catch the replay below!

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Taking Off The Rose Colored Glasses

The Earning Curve Speaker Series

How to Hire the Right Sales Team

This panel covered great points about recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining the right salespeople to maximize your business opportunities. If you missed this lively talk, especially the parts about salary adjustments for remote workers and the effects of Colorado’s “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act”, check it out below!

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Udemy eLearning Course

Udemy eLearning Course - Improve Your Prospecting Skills for only $37.99

Have you taken my Udemy for business course: Sales Prospecting Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to Success yet? Over 400 students have and I want you to be one of them.

For the next 30 days you can take the course for only $37.99. Click here to get started and use the coupon code: PROSPECTING to get 30% off the retail price.

I’d love for you to try the course, to see if it would be a valuable addition to your training curriculum, as you and your sales team prepare to head into 2022.

In this course, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of:

  • Determining your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and how best to reach them
  • Developing a formal prospecting strategy customized to your target market
  • Creating impactful email templates, voicemail scripts, and video messages
  • Determining if your prospect is a good fit for your product or service
  • Mastering how to handle objections and gain more information all at the same time
  • Executing a strategy for holding your prospects accountable
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Sales Acceleration Strategy

The Sales Acceleration Strategy

We are helping Founders accelerate revenue by:

» Evaluating current people, processes, and tools.

» Strategizing a more effective and efficient course of action.

» Executing on the strategies we believe will have the greatest impact on revenue in the shortest amount of time.

Let us know if we can help you in 2021!

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