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My Clients say it better than I ever could.

Harper Lee
Sales Trainer

Kristie was recommended by one of our board advisors just after receiving $20m funding. We knew that in order to scale GTM, we would need a team of experienced revenue leaders. Right from the start, her knowledge, experience, insights, and non-nonsense style of communication helped us see with 100% clarity what needed to be done. Kristie managed the end-to-end recruitment of our CRO. Sifting, qualifying, and really challenging candidates through a rigorous recruitment process really helped me and my co-founder secure top-notch hires who, in their first three months have already made a difference. Thanks, Kristie!

Jaime Scott
Evaluagent, UK

What truly sets Kristie apart is her interactive approach. She engages every team member, leveraging her straightforward and honest communication style to facilitate the collective discovery of our growth areas and validate current strategies. Once the playing field was level, each team member took ownership of building our sales playbook. This stands in stark contrast to any other Business Development consultant I’ve worked with.

Our sales playbook and individual marketing sequences became invaluable through Kristie’s coaching. Her open and candid discussions with clients foster a collaborative atmosphere where we confront challenges head-on. This approach not only ensures efficiency but also turbocharges productivity. Kristie’s unwavering dedication to helping individuals, teams, and businesses achieve their goals is truly commendable, and she leaves no stone unturned.

Jeff Cox
Enterprise Account Executive

My team and I have been working with Kristie for about six months. She’s wicked smart at sales operations and finding ways to hold people + prospects accountable. The strange thing about sales is “you don’t know…what you don’t know”. Kristie is fearless in probing into operations, asking good questions, and identifying issues and future issues. The best part, she rolls up her sleeves and works side by side with you to help you fix those issues. The end result is stronger leadership and sales team members who know what’s expected of them and how to succeed (and more closed deals!)

Taralinda Willis

I just finished listening to a podcast episode where you were invited as a guest and really loved the gems. My favorite one was when you said that we should be able to hold prospects accountable which is something I never even thought of. It’s such a powerful concept and I will definitely think of ways to start integrating it into my sales practice. Thanks for sharing this gem!

Dauren Akylov

Today’s webinar was one of the best Bright talks I’ve heard. Yes, timely but the content relevant anytime and practical. Clearly you bring a lot of selling experience. I liked your pace too. Well done!

John Collins
Regional Director

Kristie was instrumental in our sales team’s development at Super Dispatch. She served as a fractional sales leader, but fractional doesn’t begin to describe the impact she made. During her time working with our sales team, she brought structure and focus through individual and group coaching, sales script development, implementing improved productivity tools, refining customer profiles, and optimizing our product’s pricing model. She is direct and honest. During Kristie’s time at Super Dispatch, my average sale increased by 300% and my number of sales grew by 150%. I recommend Kristie to any company wanting to experience more of the same, especially in a startup SaaS environment.

Ross Quinn
Account Executive
Super Dispatch

I came to Kristie because I wanted professional guidance around organizing my sales team training, onboarding plans, setting clear revenue goals, creating a new commission structure, and a solid hiring plan for new sales reps. After our first meeting, Kristie understood exactly what I was looking for and drafted a super-comprehensive plan for our time together to ensure we would stay on track and reach my goals. Every meeting since has been very organized, clear, and productive – we cover everything from overall sales strategy to the small details around how to properly set up and analyze leaderboards, for example. She clearly has an amazing work ethic, is super easy to talk to, and provides direct, clear feedback to tackle any challenges you may have. Overall I can say that I would 100% recommend Kristie to anyone looking for a consultant to help improve all and any sales processes!

Rachel Epstein

We brought Kristie into Agilis to evaluate our sales and marketing efforts. We had recently shifted our sales efforts from outbound to more inbound and needed some help in evaluating the process and making sure we were getting maximum output from out team.

Kristie did a great job in making recommendations on improving our process that will help us increase our sales volume. The one thing that most impresses me about Kristie is her ability to quickly assess the organization and make insightful and accurate reads on our people and help us to get everyone on the right seat on the bus. She is also not afraid to tell it like it is and give you honest feedback which is so different from many consultants that tell you what you want to hear.

Dave Barford
Managing Director
The Gilead Group

Kristie has been an outstanding asset to our organization. She was hired to help us in three important ways: 1. Improve our selling techniques 2. Improve our systems and procedures 3. Positively impact our culture – continual learning, more individual thinking, more self-sufficiency

Kristie’s work supplied immediate value. She’s exceeded expectations in the categories above, in addition to providing value with her knowledge of, her ability to implement change and the respect she’s earned from the sales team she manages. For any organization in need of serious, professional sales management talent, I could not give a higher recommendation to Kristie’s efforts.

David Friedman
General Manager
Telephone Doctor, Inc.

Dec 2020, I listened to a podcast on Sales Gravy: Jeb Blount he had guest Kristie Jones on there! I was inspired by listening to her talk about how she grew a sales team and created a culture of accountability! I looked her up on LinkedIn and asked her to coach me! She helped me through the most challenging seasons of my career via zoom!

Melanie McFarland
Senior VP of Provider Network Development
OMNI Healthcare

I absolutely love working with Kristie. She has an incredible depth of knowledge about sales strategy in the SaaS world, and helps you apply that knowledge to make a difference quickly. In a few short months, she helped me organize our sales team better, improve our processes, and hire skilled team members. I’d recommend Kristie to anyone looking for a consultant.

Kelly Travis
Director of Sales & Marketing

Kristie’s changes to our email followup and objection handling directly contributed to $20k in new business. In just 1 week…

Her 1:1 coaching is packed with actionable steps from day 1.

Do exactly what she says.

You’ll get more sales.

Adam Shaw
Creator & CEO
Marketing for Founders

I’ve been working with Kristie Jones since the beginning of February 2020 and she is an expert sales coach. By continuously challenging me, and putting me out of my comfort zone, my professional sales skills have grown tremendously (along with some personal development as well). Through her knowledge, resources, and life experience, Kristie is able to mold and guide people into the best that they can be. That’s not to say it’s an easy ride, but if you’re up for the challenge and willing to listen and be vulnerable, you will not only see results but also succeed in many ways! I highly recommend hiring her and bringing her into your workplace!

Sarah Giencke
Account Executive
Riset Resiliency LLC

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