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Sales organizations hire me to speak to their teams because I understand that most sales professionals are feeling discouraged about their anemic pipelines, frustrated by missing targets, and confused about how to reach the top 10% so they can outsell and outearn their co-workers and competition.

When you hire me you get someone who is dedicated to delivering a message that will be meaningful and memorable for your audience.

I start by sitting down with your team to make sure I understand the theme of the event and your desired outcomes to ensure I deliver a presentation that leaves your audience feeling empowered to take action. 

Harper Lee
Sales Trainer

Popular Keynote Topics

Inspiration and Education

The Work to Get to the Top Doesn’t Happen at Work

My most popular keynote presentation!

This “real talk” presentation takes your audience on a journey into the thoughts, actions, and daily practices of Top Ten Percenters. Those sales professionals who are out-selling and out-earning their co-workers and their competition. I will guide your audience to understand what truly separates the Top Ten Percenters from the other 90% and will give them a customized roadmap to get there.

Your audience will learn:

I weave in personal stories about my journey to the top; including some missteps along the way to reassure your audience that I’ve pressure-tested these strategies personally.

Expected Outcomes:

This pull-no-punches presentation around what it takes to get to and stay at the top will have your audience inspired and armed with a personal action plan to OWN THEIR INCOME AND OWN THEIR LIFE.


Accountability is a Sales Strategy: Creating a Sales Accountability Culture

This power-packed presentation will open your leader’s eyes to the impact creating a culture of accountability can have on their team and organization. 

A culture of accountability isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a sales strategy. 

Having a culture of accountability at your organization will improve your anemic pipeline problem, encourage “C” players to self-select out, and replace a team lacking motivation with a team of self-motivated sales professionals who are ready to hold themselves and others in the organization accountable. 

Your audience will walk away with a formula for creating an accountability culture within their team and organization:

Expected Outcomes:

This presentation will have your audience prepared and excited to take the steps necessary to create a culture of accountability. 

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