Rising Stars Academy

Transform Your ‘B’ench Players Into Starters in 12 Weeks

All good teams have players who can come off the bench to put in valuable minutes on the court to give their starters a little rest while still contributing points in the paint.

But at some point, those bench players expect to be starters.

Question: How can they level up their skills while only getting to play a few minutes each game to prove to YOU, their coach, that they have earned the right to start?

Answer: They have to put in the time off the court to improve their skills and earn the right to be one of the starting 5.

It’s time you move your ‘B’ench players into the starting rotation.

Sending Your ‘B’ench Players to the Rising Stars Academy will:

The Academy is 12 Hours of Hands-on Coaching that Prepares Your Rising Stars to:

What Makes This Program Different?

What's Stopping You?

As a former sales leader for 16 years, I get it. I practice what I preach and I believe not everyone is a fit. So, let’s talk about it and decide together.

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