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Future Founder Podcast with Connor Deck

Scale Your SaaS Startup Connor Deck and I unpacked SO much in this episode – from making a transition to ...
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Workplace Whiz Podcast with Cosmin Patlageanu

Should Office Workers get Promoted More Than Remote Employers? With the recent decisions large organizations such as IBM, Google, and ...
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Sales Reinvented Podcast: Boost Your Cold Calling Effectiveness

On this episode, Paul and I focused on filling the pipeline, and I made the case for the relevancy of ...
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Make It Happen Mondays–B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows

Identifying and Leveraging Your Unique Sales Superpowers John and I had a thorough conversation exploring impactful sales strategies and practices ...
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The Importance of Soft Skills

The art of sales is dying as fewer sales reps have been taught the methods of sales soft skills. Sales ...
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When Managers Aren’t Invested in the Success of Their Sellers (Bad Things Happen)

Sales leaders are spending their time on the wrong things. A shift in the investment in training and coaching from ...
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The Work Before the Work Podcast with Paul M. Caffrey

On The Work Before the Work Podcast, Paul Caffrey and I dove into how salespeople can drastically advance their earning ...
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Predictable Revenue Podcast with Collin Stewart

What do you do, as a founder, when your startup has received VC backing and you need to increase sales ...
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Uncopyable Women in Sales

Kay Miller is excellent at highlighting the experiences women have in their sales careers that translate into actionable strategies which ...
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Top Ten Percent with Kristie Jones

In the realm of hiring, there’s a prevailing notion that skills can always be taught, but there are things that ...
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Harnessing Your Inner Superpower to Achieve Career Fulfillment in Midlife

Bernie Borges and I had an engaging conversation about my approach to midlife.  How did I decide to thrive during ...
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The Sales Evangelist with Donald Kelly

What makes the top ten percent of sellers different from the other ninety percent? Listen to this episode of the ...
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