My Book: Selling Your Way IN

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Selling Your Way IN

by Kristie K. Jones

Selling Your Way IN empowers those who want to dictate their income through a career in sales.

This guide aims to support individuals in achieving their professional and financial aspirations by unveiling the secrets of harnessing their unique sales superpowers, choosing the right sales role, and employing mental memory techniques akin to an athlete’s muscle memory, ensuring they outperform and outearn their coworkers and competitors.

I explains the subtle yet impactful practices embraced by the Top Ten Percent of salespeople – strategies often perceived as mere bonuses but are, in reality, what catapults them into this elite tier. These actions encompass positive self-talk, visualization techniques, fostering connections with successful individuals, and the principle that aiding others can yield abundance.

Selling Your Way IN provides salespeople a comprehensive understanding that there are jobs with a set income and jobs where one sets their own income.

Are you ready to own your career, your success, your income, and your life?

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Book Release Date: August 20, 2024

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