Growth Month: What Rockstar Sales Reps Have in Common

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June 22nd, 2022 • 10am CDT

Everyone wants to be a rockstar, right? You probably know a few, the sales rep who is always at the top of the leader board at your company, every month. The colleague who’s always invited to speak at sales conferences. The friend who’s always celebrating another big deal. You watch them, envy them, eavesdrop on their demos, and flat out ask how they do it; they just shrug and say, “I don’t know. Just lucky I guess.”

It’s not luck and you know it. Rockstar Sales Reps really are different than the rest.

The good news is that THEY may not know what makes them different, but after 20 years of training and coaching sales professionals, I do. I’m going to share these often overlooked, but totally learnable, qualities of Rockstar Sales Reps with you in this fast-paced session!

Join me as we peer into the world of the Rich and Famous Sales Reps to learn what they’re doing that you’re not…….yet.

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