Negotiation Rules! A Practical Approach

Specifically for Founders, Sales Leaders, and Sales Reps

4.5-hour workshop by Jeanette Nyden
March 7th – 11am – 1:30pm CST
March 9th – 11am – 1pm CST

$859 for 1 person
$799 per person for 2+

Negotiations are no big deal, right?

Wrong, negotiations as a small business are a big deal! Get the deal right, and your company wins big. Make a misstep and …. well, the deal can hurt your profitability, destabilize your company, or hurt your chances to grow. In this 4-hour boot camp, Jeanette Nyden will outline an easy-to-follow, systemic approach to B2B negotiations. If you follow this approach, you will close bigger deals, create happier customers, and bring home a bigger paycheck.

This boot camp is specifically for Founders, Sales Leaders, and Sales Reps. who negotiate deals with mid-market and enterprise prospects or customers (or even your boss!)

You will learn to:

  • Structure conversations for win/win negotiations,
  • Use your company’s unique leverage points to get a deal on your terms,
  • Make effective opening offers and counteroffers,
  • Develop meaningful strategies that your whole company can follow, and
  • Efficiently plan for negotiation conversations

About Jeanette Nyden:

Since 2003, Janette has been helping sales professionals master the contracting life cycle from drafting and negotiation to contract management by providing a range of online and in-person training programs. She has a valuable skill set that most organizations desperately need. She is a lawyer who understands business operation needs to form a high performing customer/supplier relationship, and a business consultant who understands the legal terms and conditions. She’s been involved in deals as small as a preferred vendor agreement for a privately held manufacturer and as large as re-negotiating two outsourcing deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars each.

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