Panel Discussion: Be Rebound Ready.

Take Action Now to Position your Company for a Bounce Back

Founders, Owners, and Executives – The actions you take today will impact how and how quickly you’ll rebound from the current economic challenge. Those decisions can be the difference between thriving and just surviving in the post-COVID world. 

Join me for a panel discussion with John True, Managing Partner at Cultivation Capital and Adam Weber, Co-founder of Emplify to discuss the actions companies need to take NOW to ensure they are “Rebound Ready” post-COVID.

Join us as we discuss...

Attendees will walk away understanding:

  • Making hard cost-cutting decisions
  • Re-deploying Internal resources to maximize impact
  • The importance of pivoting
  • Adjusting your sales strategy
  • Monitoring and measuring employee engagement (remotely)
  • Steps to take during recovery

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