In Uncertain Times, Companies Need a Startup Mentality

Startup best practices you need to implement... NOW!

These are uncomfortable and uncertain times.

Overnight we went from a country with the Dow over 29,000, an unemployment rate under 3% and most companies seeing very healthy YoY growth rates. Now we are facing a very different reality.

I believe companies that are adaptable, innovative, resilient, and understand the need to “SELL” our way out of this will have the best chance of coming out ahead in the next few weeks. Startups live in a world of uncertainty every day. They pivot, work with a sense of urgency, and embracing failure. These are the characteristics more mature companies will need to adopt to survive the current crisis.

Key Takeaways

Attendees will walk away understanding:

  • What is a startup mentality?
  • Who in your company is best equipped to think like a startup founder.
  • Startup best practices you need to implement… NOW!
  • Leadership traits of startup founders.
  • I’ll answer your questions LIVE!

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