The Earning Curve Panel Speaking Series: Build Meaningful Accountability into the Sales Function

The Earning Curve Panel Speaker Series

Join Kristie Jones and other professionals for an always spirited discussion on the topic of Accountability.

Having an accountability structure in place for your sales teams is a critical element for success. During this insightful Earning Curve panel discussion, you’ll discover why it is important to manage your top performers to the same standard as your other sales team members – and how you should also manage them differently. Plus, you’ll learn how to set high, yet achievable, standards that your sales team can use as benchmarks for advancement.

We'll cover:

  • What does “accountability for sales” look like and why is it so tricky to implement for sales teams?
  • What are the primary characteristics of an effective sales accountability structure?
  • And if the current accountability structure is deficient, where do you start for creating meaningful accountability for the sales team?
  • How do you interview for accountability and why is that sometimes the fastest path to building accountability across the entire sales team?
  • Why is it so hard to hold sales team members accountable consistently and how do you address common fears sales managers have when trying to tackle this problem?

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