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The Hidden Pitfalls of Over-Scripting Sales Calls

I make my living creating and improving sales processes and creating sales playbooks, so it might seem strange that I’m making a case for NOT over-scripting sales calls for SDRs, AEs, and CSMs. The fact is, I’ve never been an advocate for scripting. Instead, I say, “Hire smart people and teach them the framework of each type of call and let them use their words and personalities to get the ...
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You’ll Never Know if You Don’t Ask

I was working with a couple of reps. last week helping them prepare for a very important onsite demo with a large prospect. They had smartly scheduled a call with an IT influencer to make sure they had their presentation and demo all buttoned up. The sales reps. were a bit concerned going into the call that the IT influencer might not be on their team and they were going ...
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