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The Making Sales Social Podcast with Brynne Tillman

The Power of Connection in Sales In this engaging episode, Brynne Tillman and I delve into the essence of sales, offering valuable insights on making sales social. I emphasize the importance of connecting authentically and building trust through social interaction, highlighting the significance of personal development in sales success. We discuss the journey of a sales professional as I share valuable experiences from my own entrepreneurial journey. Listen To The ...
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Scale Your Sales Podcast with Janice B. Gordon

Strategies for Scaling Your Sales Performance Janice and I have an engaging conversation focusing on the concept of identifying one’s core strengths (superpowers) which then serve as a compass to guide their approach to finding the right job as well as achieving Top 10% success in that role.  Success is not simply about the volume of sales activity, but rather the development of specific strategies and the cultivation of daily ...
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Sales POP! with John Golden

Navigating the Sales Industry – Insights From a Sales Pro Sales professionals looking to advance their career path need a strong foundation of self-awareness as well as intentionality in searching for the right ICP of a position in order to make the correct choice in a new job. On this episode of Sales POP!, John and I discuss the importance of this process, but we also touch on the role ...
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Mastering Modern Selling with Tom Burton, Brandon Lee, and and guest host, Kristie Jones (filling in for Carson Heady)

Leading Change in an Era of AI: Empowering Sellers Guest: Bill Kirst In this installment, I was honored to fill in as a guest host alongside Tom and Brandon for an important discussion featuring Bill Kirst, a change management expert. Our conversation dives deep into the transformative potential of AI in sales and the critical role of empathy and effective change management in leveraging this technology. Listen To The Episode
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Mastering Modern Selling with Tom Burton, Brandon Lee, and Carson Heady

Intentional Moves: Career Strategies to Reach the Top 10% Intentional career moves in choosing one’s next role are critical to advancing the professional sales journey. Tom, Brandon, and I walk through the thought process to follow if one is not having success in a current sales position despite putting in great effort. It starts with knowing oneself to find the role that best matches out of the other 76 sales ...
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The Fractional C-Suite Retreat with Joseph Frost

The Human Element in the Automated Age of Sales In this insightful episode of the Fractional C-Suite Retreat, Joseph Frost and I delve into the dynamic interplay between technology and human skills in the sales sector, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human interaction and strategic personal development in achieving top sales performance. Listen To The Episode
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SDR Insider Podcast by demandDrive

From Tables to Tech: A Blueprint for Sales Success The path to sales success is unique for everyone – in definition and steps taken to get there. Will you be a top individual contributor as a hunter or farmer and make as much money as possible? Or, will your path take you to a leadership position where you not only manage yourself but others too? On this episode of SDR ...
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Future Founder Podcast with Connor Deck

Scale Your SaaS Startup Connor Deck and I unpacked SO much in this episode – from making a transition to SaaS from the retail-buying industry to how I lead Founders in building their first sales force and scaling their company. We even spent some time on the role AI is currently playing and what we need to be looking for as this technology progresses. Listen To The Episode:
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