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Are You a Self-Centered Seller?

Are You a Self-Centered Seller?

No one likes a selfish person, but that’s how a lot of sellers come across.

I tell sales reps and sales leaders daily:

“It has to be all about them before it can be all about you before it can be all about us.”

So why am I still getting emails, LI messages, and phone calls from marketing departments and sales reps only talking about the features of their product or service and not about how their product/service would help me increase revenue, reduce costs, or just make my life easier?

Let’s talk about how we can let a prospect know that’s it’s all about them.

  1. Ask thoughtful questions: A good discovery call is all about them. Ask them thoughtful questions about their business, challenges, growth plans, new products, and how they’re attracting and retaining new customers. I can’t teach reps to be naturally curious, but it’s clear that the best reps are. Let your inter-journalist come out. Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

  2. Share Industry Info: Share new data or trends that are happening in the industry that you serve. Take that information and put together a webinar or infographics that they can download. Be a Challenger Sales Rep.

  3. Be a Connector: Introduce your prospects and clients to other prospects and clients that might be potential customers for them or great networking connections.

  4. Understand the Pain: Make sure you understand what pain your product or service is solving and the financial impact not solving the issue is having on their organization. Then share how you’ve solved these issues for other companies by sharing a case study or testimonial.

  5. Customize the Message: I used to tell reps that they can work harder or smarter, the choice was theirs. Well….in this current economic climate, I believe reps need to work smarter. This means taking a more customized approach to messaging in email, Inmails, voicemail, and video messages. That doesn’t just mean using their first name in the message. It means going to their website and looking at the about us page, reviewing their core values, seeing what jobs they’re trying to fill (god forbid you might know someone you could recommend), and the news page to read press releases about them.

Now’s the time to focus on your prospects and customers to figure out how you can help them grow their business, which in turn will help you grow your business.

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