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Are you Ready to Sell to Gen Z?


There has been so much written about the Millennials that I’m afraid we aren’t getting ready for Gen Z. They have hit the workforce and although probably not decision makers yet, they are individual contributors and their opinion matters. They don’t know a world without smartphones and technology. They are used to connecting and communicating in less personal ways; text, email, slack and chat.

So, what does this mean for the Sales and Marketing strategy? We need to change the way we’re reaching out to them and allowing them to interact with us.

I recently read the following, “Gen Zers expect to be able to seamlessly transition from one business channel to the next, and they expect it to be personalized and consistent.” Is your company ready to track and manage all these communications in your CRM?

Do your outbound cadences contain 6 or more of the following?

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Video
  • Hand-written card
  • Gift
  • SMS
  • Social Touch

If you or your company isn’t discussing how your sales and marketing strategy addresses Gen Z it’s time you start those discussions.

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