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5 Ways to Make an EPIC Comeback!


I watched the most unbelievable, come from behind, win I’d seen in college basketball in years last night. If you know or follow me you’re already aware, I’m a huge @kuhoops basketball fan and NCAA bball fan. I watch about 200 hours of NCAA basketball a season. But, you didn’t need to love the Jayhawks to appreciate what happened last night.

As the announcers were kind enough to remind the viewers, KU hasn’t lost back-to-back games at Allen Field House since the 1988-89 season. With 5:30 left in regulation KU was down by 13 to West Virginia and a loss looked like it was in the making. At the 1:15 mark, they were down by 7. A turnover by West Virginia with less than a minute to go put the Jayhawks down by just 3. A foul with just under 26 seconds and 2 made free throws put KU and “Press” Virginia into OT!!!

OT was just as exciting. Filled with mental mistakes, turnovers, and clutch shots!!! KU went on to win 84-80. Down by 14 with 2:43 left in regulation to an OT win for the ages.

So, I believe sports and life have a lot in common. So what did the KU Men’s Basketball team do to mount their EPIC comeback that you can use to mount a comeback of your own?

  1. Make every “possession” count – When you start to feel like your quota is unattainable, that’s when the little things become big things. When your back’s against the wall you need to make every calls, appointment, e-mails and presentation count. Don’t play to win the game, play each possession to the best of your ability.
  2. Accept your mistakes and move on – Mistakes happen. How you react to them will determine success or failure. Accept them, learn from them, and then move on. KU played a far from perfect game, but they didn’t dwell on that.
  3. Trust yourself and your team – Positive self-talk is the secret weapon of “A” players. Believing you can makes a difference. Remember, you’re not alone. Reach out to other team members, your professional/personal network and ask for help.
  4. BELIEVE – Believe you can! Believe in yourself. Believe what you want is possible and then go get it. I’ve manifested a lot of blessing in my life because I believe good things happen when you do the right things each day.
  5. Play with Heart – The Jayhawks played with heart down the stretch. As a Sales Manager, this is something I can’t train, but you can see the difference between reps. that play with heart and those who don’t. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing then do something else.

I was so proud of @kuhoops last night. Not just because they won, but because of how they won. @f_mason0 said after the game, “We fought for Coach, our fans, and Jayhawk Nation” Enough said.

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