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Don’t make these RKO mistakes!

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How is your RKO (Revenue Kick-Off) agenda coming along?

Are you set up with all the key elements for success?

Over the years, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the truly transformative. This includes the decision many companies have made to change the event’s name from SKO (Sales Kick-off) to RKO (Revenue Kick-off). I believe everyone who is directly impacting revenue should be involved….. I’m talking to you, Marketing Department!

Here are my Top Takeaways to ensure your RKO rocks and turns your average performers into Rock Stars!

🌟 Develop a STRONG THEME that will set the tone for the ENTIRE year, not just the event.

🌟 Make sure everyone understands the company’s financial goal for the year, what strategies the company has planned in order to ensure the goal is met, and how each individual will contribute to achieving the goal.

🌟 This is a great time for skill development. You’ve got Top 10 Percenters in the same room as those who are struggling, so leverage your top performers. Perhaps, those key players could even teach a session.

🌟 This may be the one opportunity all year for co-workers to spend time in person, so make sure they have some unstructured time to get to know each other or catch up.

🌟 If you want your RKO to make a lasting impression, you need to continue the professional development after the event and the “Rah Rah” is a distant memory. Professional development is a process, not a one-time event. Determine now what breakout session at the RKO will have follow-up sessions in the weeks and months after the meeting concludes, and get those sessions scheduled on the calendar.

Here are a couple of keynote topics I’ll be giving in January and February at RKOs:

Topic: “The Work to Get to the Top Doesn’t Happen at Work”

Overview: During this “real talk” keynote I will share with your attendees what truly separates the Top 10% from the other 90% and give them a roadmap to get there.

I believe that what takes people from the 90th percentile to the Top 10% is not improving their hard skills or even their soft skills–those skills got them to the 70th, 80th, or 90th percentile. Rather, the effort put in outside work to become a more spiritually, physically, and mentally fit person will prepare them to reach the Top 10% professionally.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindset matters
  • Confidence can be created
  • There are no lazy Top 10 Percenters
  • Having a short memory is a good thing
  • Do the right things and the right things will happen
  • #ownyourownshit
  • Owning your life is a choice

Topic: “Develop your [Sales] Superpower to Unleash Your Full Potential”

Overview: I will share with your attendees how to identify and hone their [sales] superpowers and secret weapons to ensure they reach the top of their profession.

Understanding what special skills you have that you can rely on when you need one more deal to close or to have a customer from churning is what helps separate the Top 10 Percenters from the rest of the pack.

Key Takeaways:

  • Determine your superpower
  • Hone your Superpower
  • Create “mental memory” around it
  • Pressure-test it
  • Identify situations that play to your superpower
  • Set yourself up for superpower success
  • Mindset matters
  • Confidence can be created
  • Do the work – There are no lazy Top 10 Percenters
  • Unleashing your superpower to own your life

If you need further insights or a speaker to ensure your RKO has all the essential elements for a breakthrough 2024, let me know.

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