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Unleashing Resilient Growth: 5 Steps to Success in Business

Guest Blogger: Amy Looper, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Resilient Growth Unleashed The key to business performance is not in the latest marketing hack or sales tactic but rather in your personal belief and commitment to your vision. In this article, you will discover the 5-steps that will help you succeed in your business or career without sacrificing your health, relationships, or income.

Step 1:

Establish and commit to your impact vision. When you commit to creating impact in this world that is outward focused and beyond inward gain, your way of being must shift your way of being to one of curiosity, generosity, and servitude. Not feeling soul inspired by your work right now? Pay attention to this sign that there may be a greater calling in your life. Get curious, explore it!

Step 2

Know your worth. Contrary to many beliefs, confidence is not something that we’re innately born with. This is a skill set that is refined by overcoming challenges and learning to embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. When we release expectations of perfectionism and we start to notice our impact, our self-belief grows which in turn, builds outward confidence. If you start to see a cycle of procrastination or lengthy decision making, ask yourself, “What am I fearing right now?” Fear and anxiety will always constrict your energy, your ability to focus, communicate with clarity and make decisions. Cut through the noise by building your self-worth. An easy way to do this is to start your day with a 5-minute journal session. Reflect upon the previous day and recognize the impact you made in the world, on your team or with your spouse, family, or friends. You matter but you’ll only start to believe it yourself when you spend a few moments to step out of the busyness and into gratitude and reflection of the impact you’re actually making.

Step 3

Take courageous action. Want to be in the top 1%? No one gets there by sitting on the sidelines, you must take courageous actions that are in alignment with your vision. The top performers rarely make it just on skill but on their ability to release fear and step into courage. They are so committed to their vision that they stay committed to courageous action each and every day. This may include making a cold call to an executive, asking for the deal, making an investment, hiring, public speaking, writing, serving without expecting anything in return. Only you can define what courageous action means to you, but growth is not interested in your comfort, so get uncomfortable!

Step 4:

Build your resiliency muscle. While taking action is important, agility to navigate change and uncertainty is extremely important in business right now. Build your resiliency muscle by increasing your circle of tolerance. The more you can release emotions of fear, anxiety, stress, guilt, and shame during the day, you will enable yourself to take on higher levels of decision making and increase productivity. When we are reactive to our emotions, we are allowing them to lead us which drains our energy. An example is people pleasing! As a former professional people pleaser, I would subconsciously try to mitigate any chaos in my life, even if it meant sabotaging my own needs. How sweet right? Wrong! Behavior like this only deteriorates our mental and physical well-being overtime. How to solve these things? Mindset, emotional intelligence, and trauma informed transformational leadership work is an ongoing practice that can help you develop your muscle of resilience as you advance your life and career. As you release layers of pent-up emotion and energy that no longer serve you, the more you will have the capacity to pour into others.

Step 5

Lead with faith over fear. Being able to release your control as a leader and surrender more of your will to your creator’s, more flow will come into your life? Sound a little woo woo? Well maybe it does but I challenge you to try it this week. Say a prayer, meditate, whatever your spiritual alignment is, sink into that and ask for guidance to who you should connect with this week, who you should impact, what you should create. Humans are here to create and help one another. The more you rely less on logical proof and lean more into God’s guidance/ your soul/ intuition and start to listen to it, the more you will find yourself in an aligned career, relationships and feel re-energized. For more information about how you can transform into your greatest potential, follow Amy Looper, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Founder of Resilient Growth Unleashed. Amy is also the author of Leading Motherhood: Surrendering To Faith Over Fear From the Delivery Room To Board Room after surviving c-PTSD after several traumas experienced in early stage motherhood while climbing the corporate sales ladder. Your past does not define you and your most meaningful life calling is here now. Don’t wait for it to find you, create it!

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